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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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flames so huge the smoke could be seen from across the bay, a raging fire breaks out on a form are naval base and crews choose to let it burn. >> seven hours after it started, check this out. you can still see smoke for miles away. this is a live look where an abandoned warehouse in vallejo caught fire. we're live at the smoldering warehouse. fire crews just allowed the building to burn? >> reporter: it talked with the chief who says that when they arrived, they swept through to make should no one was inside and then they let the fire burp because this building was slated for demolition. the wanted to make sure it didn't spread.
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now, seven hours after the beginning of this fire, it continues to smolder. fire investigators have not yet determined the cause of this fire. in part because it's still just too hot to walk in there to find the opinion of origin. >> from a distance, a thick black plume of smoke pushed intiewf the bay area skies. john saw the smoke from his home in napa. >> i was on my way to shoot photos in berkeley, and i saw the first, and i thought it was the napa airport, and i kept driving towards it. >> he was not the only one drawn the speck a tackle -- spectacle of this fire. gobbleleed up by flames. he says he often came here to snap pictures of the interior of this and other derelict buildings here. >> a lot of history here, a lot of real cool stuff. so, it would be nice to see them use it for something other than just falling apart like this. >> crews sprayed plenty of water on this fire, but they did not
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try to save the structure. >> this building and this whole north side of the island, you'll notice a lot of vacant buildings. we're going to be demoing these buildings out. >> this is an area where residents say homeless hang out, and when firefighters first rave arrived they swept through the building to make sure there was no one inside. donny and two friends live in an abandoned warehouse yards away. >> did you happen to have any friends in there? >> not that i know of. >> the firefighters tell me they expect this thing to continue smoldering for hours, and so they've actually posted crews out here to keep an eye on it just to make sure it doesn't flare up again. as for concerns about air quality, i did communicate with a spokesperson with the bay area air quality strict, who tells me they got a call, someone concerned about the black smoke.
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they tell me they are thankful for some of the light breezes in the bay area this afternoon, because they figure those breezes helped dissipate the smoke effectively. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> we have breaking news from the east bay. oakland police are on scene of a multiple shooting. the shooting happened a little over an hour ago. at this point police are releasing few details but they say there were multiple victims. the street is shut down now. officers are combing the street for evidence and talking to witnesses. we have a reporter or scene. >> in oakland, family of four is out of their home after a car slammed into an apartment building. the car crashed directly under the unit where the family lives. the car hit a traffic pole, went airborne, crashed into a tree, slammed into the apartment's garage and sparked a small fire.
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the driver ran from a scene but a passerby followed him. >> the department of water resources says a crew unintentionally released water from a pipeline that wreaked havoc in a fremont neighborhood. most of the residents forced out of their homes after a massive water leak on friday are back home tonight. they're sessioning the damage after an eight-foot wide water main malfunctioned and need flooded an ire block -- entire block of the naifnldz four homes were evacuated. >> i was at a friend0s plows and now in a motel. be there for a couple of nights because our -- there's a lot of damage in the house, and no heating and all that stuff, so we can't go back in. >> crews finally stopped the water after two hours. the department says it will continue working with the home owners. >> "occupy" oakland is calling for another day of action tomorrow. has night 100 demonstrators held a peaceful march.
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tomorrow's march is being called a, quote, day of action against police repression and it's set to begin at 9:00 a.m. protesters plan to hold a noon rally, march back to the courthouse, and into the courtroom at 2:00 in the afternoon. city offices will remain open. >> a search for a missing boater off half moon bay has been suspended. the boater was last seen leaving the harbor five days ago. friday morning, rescue crews found his capsized 18-foot boat. the coast guard searched more than 3800 nautical mires miles of water. >> police will be on alert tonight after the big game for drunk drivers. the crackdowns include one in san franciscoy police are holding a sobriety checkpoint, and officers are staffing roving dui patrols, and officers will be on the freeways watching for
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impaired drivers. >> 30 more civilians were killed in syria today. the violence continued a day after russia and china vetoed a u.n. resolution backing a peace plan that called for president assad to step down. a rebel commander says there's no choice but to use military force to drive assad's regime foam powerful secretary of state hillary clinton said the situation could deteriorate into a brutal civil war. >> we have to increase diplomatic pressure on the assad regime, and work to convince those people around president assad that he must go. >> in syria today, supporters of the president turned out in force outside of a government building to celebrate the veto of the u.n. resolution. >> don't you care. >> don't you care. >> in san francisco, syrian americans expressed their
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frustration over the u.n. veto with a peaceful march. >> as the three american syrians, we cannot accept crimes against humanity and the murdering of kids and children and innocent people who are just asking for one thing, freedom. >> the protesters are demanding a democratic political shift in syria. >> the bay area city with the first mass plastic bag ban is set to vote on a tougher one. >> europe's white out. entire cities brought to a halt and flight cancellations. a look at some of the hardest hit areas. >> it wasn't winter but, rather, almost springlike around the bay area. i'm leigh glaser. you can see here those high clouds moving inland. we have rain on the way. that's coming up in the
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>> san francisco supervisors are set to vote on a proposal that would except the city's plastic bag began. the current ban would include all retail stores and restaurants. the current ban only includes large grocery stores. the bill requires grocers to charge customer. >> a nsa can blast of winter weather is causing problems worldwide. temperatures plunged to 36 degrees below zero in the you ukraine. the heaviest snowfall ever in bosnia where helps -- helicopters are being used to
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airlift stranded people. >> at the other end of europe, britain had its first snowfall of the season. more than six inches. heathrow said only half of the schedule flights were likely to leave today. snow continue to hit coastal areas in the sea of japan. >> nothing that severe in our forecast. let's get ready for rain. >> leigh glaser will let us know when to expect the showers to arrive. >> a new poll reveals while most voters in nevada supported mitt romney in yesterday's caucuses. >> get in on the oscar excitement, to to the oscars air on
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>> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence, and this time i'm going to take it to the white house. applause. >> romney had a blowout win in the nevada caucuses, carrying the day by double-digits justs a he did in florida on tuesday. romney swept tea partiers and he won 47% of voters whose biggest consideration is defeating president barack obama. >> this president began his presidency by apologizing for america. now he should be apologizing to america. >> nursing another bruising defeat, gingrich driven vowed not to quit the race. >> he won the state last time and this time. our goal is to get to supertuesday. >> gingrich, flouting the advise some of republic dwroons turn down his negative rhetoric, repeated his antiromney litany. >> pro abortion, progun control.
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>> ron paul is hopeful. >> i know there's a large number of people who are looking for another option. >> rick santorum brought up the rear. >> governor romney and even more than speaker gingrich doesn't create the contrast we need beat bober barack obama. >> it's fun -- time to check in on the weather. we're going need our umbrellas. >> what's going on out there? >> leigh: a terrific day today. santa cruz, 70 degrees, and upper 60s around the bay area. some of the high clouds are starting to pass over the bay area. golden gate bridge right here, the marin headlands, and that's a sign that things will be changing through the first part of the work week. highlights for the evening, high clouds overnight, becoming cloudy and breezy tomorrow, and
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a cold front, a strong one, will usher in the rain and more wind for us as we head into late monday night, and in particular, early tuesday morning, and looks like just in time for the tuesday morning commute. here's a look at the lows for tonight. the high clouds will venture in, so not as cold tonight. we'll look for 39 for napa, 46 for san francisco, fremont, 41 degrees. 41 in antioch and livermore overnight with high clouds moving in, 40 degrees. you can see the high cloud right here ahead of this cold front. this one is going to split and head to the north and this one will increase our clouds tomorrow, it will be stormy overnight monday night, the winds will pick up, especially the coastal range, and look for rain there. could be heavy at times. here's a look at the timing of this. 11:00 tonight, monday is just going to be increasing clouds, 10:00 tomorrow night when we see the first bands hit the coast, and look what happens overnight.
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it's 3:00 a.m., early tuesday morning, heavy rain and it's going to stick reason for the 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, tuesday morning commute. by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, the front moves through, and by the evening we'll start to see things thin out a bit. wednesday right now looks dry. anticipation of very strong winds issue wind watch, south winds 20-30 miles-per-hour. potential of gusts close to 65 miles-per-hour. so we'll keep you posted on this as this system moves in. remember, late monday night, really early tuesday morning, highs tomorrow, inincreasing clouds. mid-to-low 60s across much of the bay area, san francisco, 63. napa, 63. antioch, 6 5. livermore, 6 5. san jose, a little sunshine in the morning and then increasing clouds, 64. gilroy, holing mild weather with
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68 degrees. winds will pick up near watsonville, monterey tomorrow, 63. the seven-day forecast, increasing clouds tomorrow. the rain picks up overnight monday night, early tuesday morning, and some very strong winds, mainly the kloseal plain tuesday morning, and then we dry things out, wednesday, thursday, and friday, the 60s, with sunshine, maybe rain next weekend. >> thank you, leigh. >> let's go to shu. pretty quiet. >> mike: not a lot going on today. san francisco giants ready to rumble. spring training is two weeks away. the g-men are action to see how buster posey comes back from his
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>> the san francisco giants are gearing up for another round at the world serieseses a they recd to spring training. the big question is buster posey. they need his bat back in the lineup. buster has been rehabbing the ankle, and he says he is hopeful he toe be on the field next month. >> i'm really happy with how everything has gone. kind of throughout the process we have had goals and met the goals and exceeded some of them, and i was feeling good. feeling more and more like my normal ankle all the time. i ramp up the intensity and get back to baseball action. >> they could use him back. let's tee it up at the phoenix
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open. last week at torrey pines, kyle stanley had a lead going into the 18th hole. made a triplic and lost in a playoff. today he was eight back. spencer levin was up six shots but fell apart. check it out. taking the cactus. he might have to take care of that one himself. 'finished third. the 16th hole. bradly with the tom brady jersey, great citi tee shawn shot on the day. but kyle stanley, wins the phoenix open. >> i've had so much support from so many people. people i don't even know, and it's really helped me kind of put it behind me and move on and -- it's been great. >> what a story. his first pga win, blows it last week, comes back the following week and wins. >> on this super bowl sunday,
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not everyone is tuned into the game. i know. i don't understand this lack of interest in the biggest sporting event in the world, either, but i hit the streets to find out why. >> why aren't you watching the super bowl today? >> because i have the whole weekend off to hang out with my give. we don't care that much about super bowl. >> you have to give me your man card right now. >> thankfully it's not a requirement to be a man. so i'm okay. >> not so much. i like baseball. >> baseball. >> it's super bowl sunday. what are you doing out here? >> the weather is beautiful. i like to ride my bike, and 49ers are not playing. >> really want to know why i'm not watching the super bowl? i'm a die-hard 49ers fan. >> i'm a bitter niners fan. >> a bitter niners fan? >> yeah. i hope the patriots beat the mess out of the giants. >> giants going to win it? >> a tough game, i think. >> tough runs into the finals. >> what about you, what's your
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excuse? >> i have no clue about football. i don't know who is in the super bowl, and i pouring -- forgot it was super bowl sunday, and i'm with my beautiful friends for 20 years. >> hook up with the salmon. >> the giants made it. that's why i'm not watching it. >> because they beat in the niners. >> simple as that? >> simple as that. >> got to watch the super bowl. >> no. >> can't watch the super bowl, why? >> the wife says you better because i'm going to watch it. so, not everybody in love with the super bowl, and a beautiful day to be out. of course we'll check in with the a's at six. the patriots are up 10-9 at the half. >> a good excuse to eat a lot of food -- >> specially in the newsroom.
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>> thanks. >> super bowl is happening as we speak. >> someone with the new york giants thinks he already knows the final score. the story coming up next d
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>> coming up at 6:00, deadly to end a bizarre missing person case, home explode washington state, killing a father and his two children. police say it was intentional. >> a second chance at life and the opportunity to see the super bowl. how this one lucky little boy got both. join us for abc-7 news at 6:00.
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>> and finally, the new york giants accidentally revealed their overconfidence in today's game. >> check out what was on the team's web site yesterday. they maybe jumped the gun a little bit. >> super bowl champions! >> says they won, and offers commemorative gear already. the message cass taken down rapidly. its common for teams to create winning web sites before the game but they usually wait until they actually win. you have to make the shirts and stuff. >> they actually do make shirts and they have to throw the losing ones away. >> or send them to another country or something. >> that's true. captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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